Traffic Bureau

The Traffic Bureau is one of the largest bureaus within the Park Ridge Police Department.  This bureau is responsible for a wide variety of tasks, ranging from processing motor vehicle accident paperwork to overseeing the implementation of target motor vehicle enforcement assignments for Officers on the road.  We oversee the nine School Crossing Guards and two relief Guards, as well as answering citizen questions concerning traffic laws, addressing any traffic concerns of the residents and initiating selective enforcement details, such as DWI patrols or commercial vehicle enforcement, throughout town. 

The bureau has the responsibility to ensure that all officers are trained in the proper completion of motor vehicle crash reports. However, we also have some specially trained officers that respond in the event of a fatal motor vehicle crash, who assist with documenting and possibly reconstructing the accident scene, if necessary. 

Other duties that fall to the Traffic Bureau are ensuring that we have sufficient School Crossing Guards to ensure the safety of our children, keeping records related to radar certifications and breathalyzer operation updated, keeping equipment current, and recommending the purchase of new equipment. 

There are currently nine crossing guard posts, and all are filled.  We also have two additional guards that are on standby in the event a regular guard is out sick. 

If you have any traffic concerns, please contact Lt. Pete Mauro at 201-391-5401, x-5240 or at

If you wish to become Park Ridge Crossing Guard please contact Sgt. John Szot at 201-391-5401 x-5230 or at