Firearms ID Card / Permit Application

As of October 2019 NO PAPER APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED for any firearms-related permits or ID cards. Everything is required to be done online via the New Jersey State Police (NJSP) website listed below. The first page of the application will ask for the ORI. Park Ridge's ORI is NJ0024700. Any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to the Park Ridge PD Firearms Unit or the NJSP Firearms Unit (listed on the website linked below). Any questions can be directed to

Park Ridge ORI


Permit to Carry (PTC) - Updated 11 August 2023

The procedures for applying for your initial or renewal PTC have recently transitioned to an electronic-only format just like your firearms ID cards and permit to purchase. The link listed below will bring you to the online portal where it will walk you through the process. Applicants, once approved, will no longer receive a paper ID card but rather will have a digital PTC.

If you have not previously been fingerprinted in the State of New Jersey for your firearms ID card (FID) and/or permit to purchase, you must apply for a FID card and/or permit to purchase in order to obtain a State Bureau of Identification (SBI) number which is required for your PTC application. 

Applicants will submit their $50 fee to the NJSP via the portal but a $150 money order made out to "Borough of Park Ridge" with "Park Ridge Police Firearms" on the 'notes' line. The background investigation will not start until the money order is submitted in person at Park Ridge Police HQ. 

Any questions or issues please reach out via e-mail:

Apply for your PTC via the New Jersey State Police (NJSP) online portal:

 Park Ridge ORI


Required Items for Application

SBI Number

Your State Bureau of Identification number is listed on your Firearms ID (FID) Card and also your Permit to Purchase. If you don't have either, you need to apply for one or both prior to applying for your PTC. Those procedures are listed at the top of the page.