Firearms ID Card / Permit Application

As of October 2019 NO PAPER APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED for any firearms-related permits or ID cards. Everything is required to be done online via the New Jersey State Police (NJSP) website listed below. The first page of the application will ask for the ORI. Park Ridge's ORI is NJ0024700. Any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to the Park Ridge PD Firearms Unit or the NJSP Firearms Unit (listed on the website linked below). Any questions can be directed to

Park Ridge ORI


Permit to Carry (PTC)

New Jersey Permit to Carry (PTC) applications are currently handled differently than initial Firearms ID (FID) cards or pistol permit applications. The requirements, procedures, and links are provided below. The PTC application and process is manually done whereas the FID/Permit process is all electronic. 

** Important PTC Notes **

Applications won't be accepted unless all the requirements are met. Once they are met you must schedule an in-person appointment with a firearms application officer to review your packet by e-mailing

Once it is accepted, the background investigation will begin in the order they are received. Once complete, the packets are reviewed by a firearms supervisor, and finally the Chief of Police. Once it's approved locally, it is hand-delivered to Bergen County Superior Court. Once it's approved by a Judge, the permit is sent to Park Ridge PD after which we will contact you to come in to pick up your permit.