Detective Bureau

The Park Ridge Police Department Detective Bureau coordinates and conducts all criminal investigations within the Borough of Park Ridge.  Other responsibilities include but are not limited to, general criminal investigations, background investigations, criminal warrants, surveillance operations, juvenile matters and narcotics investigations.  The Detective Bureau is also responsible for the collection, submission, and analyzation of all evidence.

The Detective Bureau works closely with other local law enforcement agencies, as well as most county, state, and federal agencies serving on various task forces and information sharing groups.  The Detective Bureau staff regularly attends in-service training in order to keep up to date with new case law, investigative techniques, policy and procedure updates to name a few.

The Park Ridge Police Detective Bureau consists of a Captain assigned to oversee the day to day operations of the unit, one senior detective, as well as one junior detective, who is regularly assigned to patrol duties.  The Detective Bureau, upon request, utilizes patrol personnel occasionally when conducting covert operations and special details that would require the use of manpower.

All persons who wish to report an anonymous tip or report any information regarding any crime or suspicious activity are urged to email the Detective Bureau here.  We assure you that your concern or tip will be kept strictly confidential.

Detective Department News

Phone Scams and Number Spoofing

I often get asked what phone spoofing is. Spoofing, as defined by the website, is: 

  • Caller ID spoofing is the process of changing the Caller ID to any number other than the actual calling number.
  • Caller ID spoofing happens when a caller knowingly falsifies the info transmitted to disguise the number they're calling from.
  • The number that displays on your caller ID may look as though it's coming from a government agency, business, or even someone in your contacts list in an attempt to trick you into answering the call.

It basically means a person or persons use a piece of software to make it look like a phone call is coming from someone else on your caller ID screen. We've had incidents where the caller made it look like we (the PRPD) was calling the victim to come arrest them for allegedly not paying their taxes. It made even a very aware person start to believe the scam; thankfully they did the right thing and called us directly and confirmed it was a scam. 

Spoofed calls occur daily, my phone included. The best recommendation is if you don't know the number, let it go to voicemail. The NUMBER ONE WAY to confirm it's a scam is to look up the actual number to the agency, business, police department, etc that is allegedly calling you and call them directly to inquire if they in fact called you. For example:

You get a call from an unidentified number, pick it up, and speak with someone claiming to be from the IRS. They claim you are late on your taxes and they will put a warrant out for your arrest if you don't pay immediately over the phone. [Something doesn't seem right, I know I paid my taxes] OR [They're right, I am late, but usually it's a letter in the mail] - if your gut is telling you something isn't right, it probably isn't. Get the person's name and extension and hang up. There's a good chance they'll hang up on you when you start asking identifying information. Use the internet or phone book to look up your local IRS office and call them directly. Ask them if the information is accurate and if they called you. 

Most federal, state and local government agencies do not call you for money, they send mailers. The same goes for most utility companies. Even the most attentive people misplace a bill or forget to pay it from time-to-time, but don't fall prey to scammers because of it! Get an old bill and call the company directly to find out if you are past-due and arrange payment the way you normally would. If there is ever a question don't hesitate to call us and we'll confirm it for you! 



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Car Burglaries / Thefts

Car burglaries and thefts have increased throughout the region and state in the last couple years. Criminals will sneak through yards and pull on car door handles to find an unlocked vehicles. They will attempt to start the vehicle to determine if the key fob is in it. If it has a FOB, they'll steal the car, if it doesn't they'll steal your property. PLEASE remove key FOBs when you leave the car and always lock your doors!