Domestic Violence

The Domestic Violence Unit within the Park Ridge Police Department maintains and files all reported Domestic Violence Incidents reported within the Borough of Park Ridge.  The unit also provides updates and in-service training to all officers on any changes to laws and regulations for acts of domestic violence. 

New Jersey domestic violence laws are very strict.  If there are any signs of physical injuries the police must arrest the abuser.  Even without independent witnesses and no physical injuries, police may arrest the abuser.  Domestic violence is a crime under the law, and police must respond to the calls of victims.

All officers within the Park Ridge Police Department  when called to the scene of a domestic violence incident will assist the victim with medical assistance, arresting the abuser, obtaining a restraining order, seeking counseling or securing shelter.  A detailed report on the incident will also be done and maintained at police headquarters.

There is also a NJ nonprofit group called Shelter Our Pets.  They provide temporary foster care to the pets of domestic violence victims. Their hotline number is 973-506-9696.