Firearms Unit

This website is designed to assist you with completing a firearms application

Individuals requesting Firearms ID Card / Permits 

The process to complete your firearms application can now be completed following the steps on this website, starting below.  If you have any questions Officer Scott Laughton and Officer Todd Stowe are the Firearms Unit Officers that can assist and answer any resident questions.   Please email them at with any questions that you may have. You can also find some useful information on the New Jersey State Police (NJSP) website at

Residents that do not have email access can respond to Park Ridge Police Headquarters and request a Firearms Appointment Request Form to complete and leave for Officer Laughton or Officer Stowe if either is not on duty.   You will be contacted as soon as possible by the Firearms Unit to   set up an appointment to assist the applicant through the process or help them complete their specific request.

Click below to start your application process now:

STEP #1: Application for Firearms ID Card/Purchase Permit. Please click here and complete first

STEP #2: Once you have completed step 1 please click here to continue your application by completing the mental health form

 (NOTE: Please, DO NOT sign the mental health form, an officer needs to witness you signing the form)